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Look great on all devices

Here at Rebel Idealist our battle-tested developers are ready to guide you through every step of achieving your ideals and goals.

We help transcribe your ideas into useful products by helping you achieve the optimal balance of beauty, simplicity, and usability.

Get to Market Fast!

Get to Market Fast!

Don't waste time building something nobody wants

Push your app to market with core functionality and get invaluable feedback from users as soon as possible.

We help our clients to make compelling minimum viable products to test your target market with.

iOS & Android Apps

Native iOS & Android Apps

built with Xamarin cross platform technology

Many startups make a big mistake of not launching their Android app until a year later. This is a bad strategy because over 65% of Americans use Android phones.

However, separate native iOS & Android app is costly to build and hard to maintain. At Rebel Idealist, we utilize the Xamarin cross-platform native app builder to make your iOS and Android with a single codebase! In most cases, this leads to a cost reduction of ~35% compared to building both apps the standard way.

E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce Stores

Open your store to the world

Today, having an online presence is essential. Sales in North America grew to a world-leading $364.66 billion in 2012, and is expected to grow just as much this year1.

Our open source e-commerce solutions ensure you'll never have to look far for future developer support.


Company Websites

Company Websites

Back your website with powerful CMS

We build company websites that accurately express their core values. We have experience with several CMS's and always use the one that fits the job best.

Our CMS experience includes Wordpress, Drupal, and Webpop. Please note, tacky stock photos are strictly prohibited.

User Experience

User Experience

Solidify your app's first impressions

Your idea could be the next best thing, but it won't matter if no one knows how to use it.

We help by streamlining your app's workflow with user testing and design critiques, increasing user retention and decreasing customer support requests.

Ruby on Rails Training

Ruby on Rails Training

Test-Driven Development On Rails

Rails is inherently very integrated, which makes testing difficult. However it's still possible to use TDD without losing all the advantages Rails has to offer.

We use this method at our company for critical applications. We've also developed and extensively use stripe-mock-ruby when working with Stripe payments.


Charles Zhang

San Francisco, Ca

Lead project manager, rubyist, and backend developer. Charles uses his extensive project experience to walk you through exactly what you need and don't need to help you get to market quickly.

Gilbert Garza

Austin, TX

Open source contributor and web development teacher. Gilbert provide expertise in writing clean code in JS and test driven development.

Mario Stipetic

Berlin, Germany

As our creative director, Mario has a pragmatic approach to implementing the latest design trends with careful attention to details.




  • iOS
  • Android
  • UX / UI Design
  • Xamarin
  • .NET
About the Project

Jornaler@ is a nationally recognized mobile app to help day laborers report wage theft. It has a real-time feed that alerts other workers near you of bad employers. Our team designed and build this app for both Android and iOS. Jornaler@ has been featured in the New York Times and NPR Marketpalce.


  • meteorjs
  • ui / ux design
  • reactjs
  • nodejs
  • css3
About the Project

Crowdr a live video streaming platform with questions and crowdfunding. We used Meteor.js and the YouTube Live! api to create a highly interactive, real-time experience. Our team designed and built v1 app for this innovative startup.


  • ruby on rails
  • ui / ux design
  • css3
  • javascript
  • jquery
About the Project

Donorbox is the easiest way for organizations to embed a full featured recurring donation form in their website. We started this project 2 years ago. It now powers fundraising for over 1,400 organizations!


  • php
  • html5
  • css3
  • javascript
  • jquery
About the Project

GuideHop is a peer-to-peer marketplace for tourists to find great guides from around the world. Our team did both the frontend and backend integration for this exciting startup.

Columbia College

  • joomla
  • html5
  • css3
  • javascript
  • jquery
About the Project

We helped implement a complete redesign of Columbia College's website, including the development of a custom Joomla events module.


With their quick response time and vast expertise, they are our go-to resource for problem-solving, improvements, and developing new site features.

—Rebecca Munnerlyn, Senior Director of Communications at Columbia College

Rebel Idealist have been proficient and a great resource.

—Johnny Tran, Lead Designer of Fighter Design

Rebel Idealist is my go-to team for quickly turning ideas into reality.

—Jonas Lamis, Co-founder of Rally.org

The Facebook donation application that Rebel Idealist made for us 3 years ago is still widely used by our clients today.

—Robert Travis, Sales Operations Manager of Piryx, Inc.


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